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The Pocono Mountains Music Festival is proud to be presenting its 14th Season, but we cannot do it without you! You are the lifeblood of the Festival allowing us to progress from vision to reality.

Become a donor today and enjoy exclusive insider benefits!

Please feel free to mail your donation via check by sending it to our PO Box 605 Mountainhome, PA 18342-0605

$15,000 and More

 Marina & David Ottaway 

$10,000 and More

JoAnn Heffernan Heisen

David S. Mazza & Martin Watkins

Marianne Zychal & Charles Hood

$5,000 and More

Marlene & George Milner

 Lisa & David McCullagh

 Lucy Stone

Ed & Julie Malmstrom

Karl Weiler

Marie Powers

Debby & Darbin Skeans

Helenanne and Gary Lasher


$2,500 and More

Barbara & Andy Andres

Dale Frehse

Lynn Ball

Rosemarie Helmbrecht

Karen Walden & Harold Rubin

Susan & Anthony Roberts

Christopher Gaillard & John Angell Robbins

Susan & Charles Rusbasan 

$1,000 and More

Susan & Gerry Neumann

Caroline Salvino

Catherine & Paul Sweeney

Kay & Jock Miller

J Gregory Boles

Elizabeth and Ian Miller

Francis and Susan Pearn

Karen Walden and Harold Rubin

Nancy & Anthony Bowe

Carol & Bob Ray

The Anthony & Ruth Nocella Family Charitable Fund

Abdulla Issa

Donation of Any Size

Alfred Watkins

Andrew & Patricia Prescott

Betsy & Bruce Finley

Bill Stimson

Bruce Bonner & Andy Leschak

C Lahey

C Schuler

C Smith

Carol Klatt

Carolyn & Martin Brown

Carrie & Ed Meredith

Catherine & Bill Siegl

Charles & Barbara Lott

Christopher Blazic

Cynthia & Gary Smith

Deborah Zateeny

Donald & Dale Sack

Emma Ayala

Ethel & Tom Huff

Faina Golub

Gary & Phyllis Hauner-Morris

Howard Wagner

J.I. & Renee Pessin

Joyce Torrey

Judith C. Jacob

Judith Stillinger

Kathy Legg & David Seifman

Laura & Dave Watt

Linda & Warren Goldfarb

Liz Moldenhauer

Lois Wallinchus

Lou Consiglio

Marsha Kivowitz

Mary Ellen & Howard Nusbaum

Melanie Vough

Michael & Terri Soulen

Nancy Sanderson

Natalie Herman

Pat & Susan McGrath, III

Randolph & G. Miller Jonakait

Rebecca & Stephen Vosburgh

Rich & Cindy DeLuca

Robert Bohner

Robin Goodman

Samantha Holbert

Sara Stessel

Sharon & Ted Merli

Susan Huffman

Tim & Laurie Coughlin

Wendy Lichty

William & Linda Potter

Make a

Please feel free to mail your donation via check by sending it to our PO Box 605 Mountainhome, PA 18342-0605

Did you 

Ticket sales cover only 18% of our operating expenses.
In order to continue developing programs and bring you the highest quality performances, we need the help of generous donors like you!

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